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Have You Left Your Your First Love ?

lundi 27 avril 2020, par Marius Kounou

‘‘But I have this against you, that you have left your first love’’ Revelation 2 V 4

Anyone that has been in love more than once knows the difference between love and the first love and most of us know what we felt for our first love on this earth. To make it easy, it is difficult to control that feeling when you feel it the first time, because you make many sacrifices to keep it.

In a similar vein, the word of God is talking here about another kind of first love. I am very happy the passage recognizes that we are still in love with Christ. However, it makes the distinction by saying the work we achieved with the first love and the one we are achieving now are different.

We all remember when we met Christ the first time, particularly those of us who were not born to Christian families. The only thing that mattered then was to serve Him. We were ready to spend time in evangelism to win souls for Christ, invest in meditation of the word of God, ready to fight our bad habits to make Christ proud of us, ready to make sacrifices to improve our moral values to be goods ambassador of Christ.

However, the majority of us now just focus on career or personal success, though we are still believers and we fear God. The situation the world is going through today (Coronavirus pandemic) is not only a message for non-believers but for us believers as well who put our personal ambitions at the place of Christ.

Even though our career and ambitions are good, this passage and the crisis the world is going through now should ring the bell and make us come back to the first love of Christ. That first love that puts Christ before everything on earth, be it money, career, pleasures or academic achievement.

A good take away from the passage of revelation above is that the lord did not condemn us but He provided us with a solution as he always doe :. ‘‘Consider how far you have fallen ! Repent and do the things you did at first" Revelation 2 V 5

May the Lord help those who kept their first love continue in the right way and also those who left the first love come back again to Him in Jesus’ name.

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