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In What Season Are You Now ?

lundi 9 mars 2020, par Marius Kounou

‘‘For everything, there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven’’ Ecclesiastes 3 V 1

Who among us never used verses such as John 19 V 30 to justify the fact that everything will be easy and quick to us after we have met Christ ? Most of us did it in the past and many of us are still doing it today and we expect everything to be easy in all areas of our life all the time.

The reading of the passage of Ecclesiastes 3 in the same Bible shows that things will not be like that, and it teaches us that we have to learn to differentiate and recognize seasons in our life. I believe that if we recognize we are in the season of sowing we shall have to devote ourselves to planting without complaint and patiently expect the harvest season.

Sometimes we ask God to give us a position ; but while He is building our character by taking us through different experiences that will help us to acquire the qualities and attitudes essential for the position we hardly recognize it. It is very difficult to find someone in the Bible who spent all his life in the harvest season. Joseph who had the opportunity to serve two nations took 13 years of preparation in the hand of our lord. Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness. If we think that we do not need wilderness or sowing season in our life because we are a Christian, we should remember that even Jesus had to grow in wisdom, in stature and favour (Luke 2 V 52).

Some of us are now in their harvest season and they might think everything is over. In fact, it is my personal belief that no nice season lasts forever for anyone on earth. My understanding of the passage of Ecclesiastes is that different seasons can alternate in our lives or in different areas thereof. I would therefore strongly encourage those among us who are reaping now to think about others while in that season, to spend these moments of joy in humility and payer with our father.

David, the man after God’s Own Heart (1 Samuel 13:14), went from the wilderness to the palace, from the palace to the wilderness again and then from the wilderness to the palace. Moses had been celebrated many times by the people of Israel but also had been rejected by the same people many times. What season are you in now ?

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