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lundi 18 novembre 2019, par Daniel MOUSSOUGAN

"And I am Jehovah your God from the land of Egypt ; from God, you will know no other ; of Savior, there is only me. " Hosea 13:4

Is your experience with God conclusive ? Are you encouraged to continue walking with him, or does it seem absolutely absurd that there is a God who can hear and answer prayers ? The question of the existence of God has always been subject of great attention. How can we pray to a God we cannot see ? Such was one day the question of a man to his interlocutor. Impassive, the latter answered him : “Ask the question to a blind man. He will tell you if his blindness prevents him from believing that there are people who maintain him.”

The human being is spiritually blind (2 Pet 1 : 9, Rev 3:17). This is why the Bible says that we were wandering like sheep without a shepherd. Humanity is blinded by sin that hides its spiritual intelligence and prevents it from recognizing and worshiping God as its creator. Our daily worries stifle our understanding as God speaks to us. Unable to see him, we become deaf to his voice yet so audible.

Blindness has never been a comfortable state. If some blind, discouraged, abandoned all attempts to recover their sight, others, on the contrary, were determined to heal. This is the case of Bartimaeus, a blind man by birth. Having heard of Jesus, he shouted with all his strength to the one he could not see. His prayer was answered. He recovered his sight (Mark 10 : 46-53). When the Servant of Elisha was worried about the invasion of the Syrian army, Elisha prayed to God to open the spiritual eyes of his servant who was reassured to see the heavenly chariots placed everywhere on the mountain (2 Kings 6 : 17).

God has always been present and close to his creatures. The false idea that some people try to give of God is completely contrary to his will. God is real, he lives, he is palpable and reveals himself through his works of which we are a part. If he seems silent, he is not yet wordless.

Unless we want to sink into our state, it is always possible to let God open our eyes. Then we will see how many times we were away from him. We will understand that his help that we sought everywhere and elsewhere was so close, and that there is no savior except him.

Good week.

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