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Praise, a Powerful Weapon !

dimanche 25 août 2019, par Daniel MOUSSOUGAN

"Give thanks in all things ; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you" 1Thessalonians 5:18

For my recent birthday, a friend offered me the book "Power in Praise" written by Merlin Carothers. This book, published in English in 1972, was translated in French in 1975. Since 2002 the book has been printed in 240,000 copies and has had its 25th edition in 2018.

Although I know the importance of praising God, this book has given me a new perception of our relationship with God through praise. As you dive through the book, you understand why the editor mentions on the back cover that the book "courageously applies the principle of definite recognition and praise to God in all circumstances".

Courageously, that’s the word. If not, how can one understand that in the face of every problem posed to him by Pastor Merlin Carothers, in his accompaniment, recommends first to give thanks to God for his situation ? This courageous application of the word of God was as confusing as the reaction aroused in us at first contact with the biblical verse "Give thanks in all things ; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you "(1Th 5:18). Why praising God for a very sick child or spouse, for a broken heart or home, for a situation of joblessness, for a case of very advanced addiction, ..., waiting for a solution ? The results were amazing.

In fact, praising God is to recognize God’s sovereignty in all things, his greatness, his eternity, his omniscience, his omnipresence and his omnipotence. It can be expressed through hymns or prayers of recognition. To praise God is an act of faith and obedience.

Biblical facts make us understand that praise can be a fighting strategy. Jehoshaphat and his army obtained a strange victory by putting at the head of their army a cohort of cantors whose praise had the effect of disturbing the enemy camp which exterminated itself (2 Chronicles 20 : 20-22).

Chained in the cells of a prison, Paul and Silas praised God in the night instead of feeling sorrow for themselves. God sent his angel to break the chains and shake the foundations of the prison (Acts 16 : 23-26).

Why not praise God in our present situation, being grateful to him even for our weaknesses and our disabilities ? It is not a panacea. But, this attitude gives us a new confidence in God who takes care of everything, as shortly as He wishes. Praise God.

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