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Looks of Love !

dimanche 28 juillet 2019, par Antoine DJETE

"But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd” Mathew 9:36

Beloved ones,

The word of God attests to the fact that Jesus was moving in all cities and villages, teaching and preaching the Kingdom gospel and healing sicknesses and infirmities. Over and above all his actions, he was moved with compassion to the multitude as they fainted and were scattered as sheep having no shepherd.

Nowadays, how do people in our neighborhood, our workplace, our clients and supervisors look like ? Is it as people that are socially well settled and at ease, much better positioned than we are ? Do we envy them or, on the contrary, do we see them as people who fainted ? Have we ever thought of those thousands people who are hopelessly by night and in daytime after anointed men of God in search of healing, work, marriage or child ?

When we see a multitude, stigmatized and discriminated walking for the sake of a political movement or man who happened to be scattered by police with tear gas, how do we feel ? Don’t you read misery, hunger, and thirst of justice, peace, dignity, equality, equity and inclusion on their faces ? What do we do when families, women, children leave their homes, areas, communities and countries to exile as a result of war, racial or political conflicts ?

What can we do for people around us, without discriminating them based on age, religion, race, sex, ethnic and social status to live happily ? Do we know that humanity is under the yoke of Satan who starves them physically, spiritually, morally as well as financially ? Do you know that out of greed for money, power and fame, many people sacrifice today their children, spouses and parents ?

Let’s learn how to understand people and how to see them the way the Creator sees them not limiting our view to the power they have, to how much they earn, to what stuff they are clothed with or what external joy they display because one can have a saddened heart in the midst of laughing. It is important that we understand that the different categories of people we described above yearn for a genuine peace and heart happiness and let’s commit to have a look of love, compassion and understanding to them so as to lead them to Christ, the real comforter and unique solution to human needs.

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