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Healing Through The Practice Of Love !

lundi 22 juillet 2019, par Gildas DJISSA

“Is it not to give your bread to those in need… ? To put a robe on the unclothed one when you see him… ? Then will light be shining on you like the morning, and your wounds will quickly be well...” Isaiah 58 : 7-8

Have you ever participated in a physiotherapy session ? Among other applications, this science is involved in the process of repairing trauma that the human body can suffer. The doctor teaches the patient to progressively regain the full functionality of a traumatized limb. In this process, the patient is invited to do practical exercises. Some movements can be painful but, in reality, he does not have much choice if he really seeks healing, restoration.

The same applies to our soul. When one has been abused, oppressed, neglected, rejected, one tends to fall back on oneself, struggling to deploy to full potential. People who have had a painful childhood, difficult relationships, or any other particularly stressful situation may be trapped by the trauma experienced. Some see the threat coming from everywhere and from nowhere. Others develop hypersensitivity to offense and cannot stand others to make mistakes. In an unconscious way they claim perfection in relations, associations, work, etc. This attitude prevents them from fully manifesting the love the Lord has placed in them.

The gospel invites us to offer the best around us and beyond. As a source, salt and light, we must communicate to the world, the life, the flavor, and the energy of divine love. This is not given in advance. It is a deliberate and assumed choice. It’s a practical every day exercise that goes through :

  • Liberality : These are the food, clothes, money, phone, computer, car or whatever else we choose to give voluntarily to be a blessing to others.
  • Service : This is the time and talents volunteered for the well-being of others
  • Language of blessing : These are the words of grace, encouragement and consolation offered to those who need it. Love is kind in the words.

An invitation for this week

Do you want to be fully restored at the emotional level ? The Lord will send you people in need of help so that you will practice His love in your way of speaking, the service you will render without expecting anything in return, your gifts without counting or balking. The exercise of love speeds up your own restoration.

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