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That’s All Right !

dimanche 14 juillet 2019, par Florent V. GBEDO

“Why go to him today ?” he asked. “It’s not the New Moon or the Sabbath” “That’s all right,” she said“2 King 4 : 23

Beloved ones, the shunammite lady’s story is one of faith that goes beyond human understanding. Indeed, though her unique son (that was miraculously conceived) passed away after a short sickness, she did not give up ; she could not have accepted that fatal end. She went off to see Elisha who was then living at about forty kilometers from her, leaving the dead child on the bed. When her husband checked on her, she responded with an extraordinary faith : THAT’S ALL RIGHT.

Despite all she was going through, that lady was not moved ; rather she was very calm because she knew that God who gave her that child when she already lost all hope to become mother was able to bring him back to life. She went to the bottom of the solution to her problem. She went for him that once prophesied and prayed for her. And God, seeing her faith, brought the child back to life.

Beloved ones, God is waiting for the same from us ; he expects from us that we be firm, faithful and display integrity in the midst of challenges. Is it necessary to remind you of this ? Christian life is neither a laurel-filled bed, nor a refuge where one comes to hide from witches and world issues. It is not because we are Christians that we shall not face difficulties. We will surely face a diversity of challenges especially those that we attract through our sins, those the world state imposes unto us, those originating from God to make our faith stronger and allow us to resist during bad days and those resulting from our faith testimonies.

That’s why I exhort you to keep faith in God in the midst of problems. Declare that’s all right. Are you passing through the wilderness in your Christian life ? Declare that is all right. Are you persecuted as a result of your faith ? Declare that is all right. What problem is confronting you ? What situation are you passing through ? Declare that is alright. Persevere because a quitter never wins and a winner never quits. Soon there will be a new day for you !

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