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To Be Prepared For Assault !

dimanche 17 décembre 2017, par Josaphat TCHETAN-AWO

“Neither” He replied, “but as commander of the army of the Lord, I have now come….” Joshua 5.14

The most resounding victory of the Jewish people in their march to the Promised Land was the taking of Jericho. Even today the echo of the taking of this fortress by the children of Israel resonates as evidence of our God’s willingness to annihilate any kind of obstacle that stands before his children.

A few days from the beginning of a new cycle of twelve months, it seems useful to me to expose, here again, the various stages that paved the way to this incredible victory.

  • 1. The Renewal of the Covenant (Joshua 5 : 1-5) : The children of Israel, because of their unbelief, returned to the gates of Jericho after forty years of walking which led to "the destruction of all men of war who came out of Egypt, and did not listen to the voice of Jehovah”. All the while, the newborns were not circumcised and this has made a breach in God’s covenant with his people. This breach was repaired and gave rise to the first victory as it is written, "Then the Lord said to Joshua, “Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you."” Joshua 5.9
  • 2.The observance of the prescriptions of God (Joshua 5 : 10) : Following this first victory the children of Israel celebrated the Passover as the Lord has recommended. This led to the second victory which was the arrival of the head of the Lord’s army as indicated in the basic verse.

It is not surprising that with the arrival of the head of the Lord’s army, the victory will choose the camp of the children of Israel. This was the evidence that the Lord is fighting for his children.

God is still ready today to grant us equally resounding victories by sending us the head of his army for the assault. All that remains for us is to take the following path :

  • Carefully examine our lives in the light of the Word of God to identify the breaches we made in the covenant God made with us.
  • Put our lives back on track by closing the gaps we had made appear in the alliance.
  • Walk humbly with God by following his prescriptions.

Each of these steps must be based on Bible reading and prayer.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Good meditation and good week under the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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