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Nothing is impossible to God !

lundi 27 novembre 2017, par Casimir E. CAKPO

“And Jesus said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God”. Luke 18 : 27

Believe me, when Jesus says, "What is impossible for men is possible for God", it is that everything is possible to God ! Moreover, he is not the first to say it. A few years earlier, an angel, answering a question from Mary, declared : "... For with God nothing shall be impossible". Dear friend, do you know of a situation that could challenge God ?

When God told Abraham, for the first time, that he would be the father of a nation, he was already an old man. His wife Sara was also old. Moreover, she had been barren all her life. How could such a couple have at least one child, and even a nation ? Abraham could not even imagine such a thing. But God did it ! (Romans 4:18)

Faced with the Red Sea, when Moses asked the children of Israel not to fear anything, to stay on the spot and to watch the deliverance that the Lord was going to give them, they were, without a doubt, a thousand places to imagine how it could happen when you have a powerful army coming from behind and in front of you was an immense and indomitable red sea. However, God did it too, as announced by Moses. (Exodus 14:21)

When God said to Joshua, when he was taking over from Moses, that no one would stand before him as long as he lived, one might wonder if he himself knew that in the package of such a promise, God put the ability to put in "pause" mode the run of the sun and the moon for almost a whole day. (Joshua 10 : 12-14)

When you think of these miracles and many more impressive things that God can do for his children to give them a fulfilled life, victory in battle, even elevation in adversity, you will realize, just like Job, "that he can do anything, and that nothing is opposed to his thoughts" Job 42 : 2.

Could it be to turn your water into wine, or make you achieve a miraculous catch, shake the foundations of your prison to free you from it ... or make sure that this night even the king finally remembers your kindness, revive dry bones ... believe me, God is able ! Whatever your situation, look forward to seeing his glory in your life today. He knows how He will go about it.

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