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Not Just Adopted, But Heirs !

dimanche 4 décembre 2016, par Martial KOUNOU

" … then we are heirs of God", Romans 8:17

Let’s imagine an extremely rich, eminently powerful and prodigiously prestigious man whose name alone is sufficient to command respect and make him the ideal father everyone would like to have. That man has but a son, heir of all he owns both in the visible and in the invisible.

The environment surrounding the happiness haven they live in is however full of people life has not favored that well and whose present is as deprived of interest as their future is uncertain. Out of noble-mindedness, that man decided not only to adopt them all if they so desired, but also to grant then every right that his own son has. Their status thus changes and moves them from dignified requestors of everything to that of owners of everything. All they need, as transition, is that single magic moment where they accept the offer that is made to them by that man of unmatched moral elegance and of exemplary generosity.

My brethren and sisters in the Lord, we hardly measure the status our conversion to Christ entitles us with and the attached rights that go along with it. Actually, by making us his children, God does not consider us as second zone children, which means he does not put a separation line between us and his son of whom we know the suffering he went through for us to benefit from salvation. You will agree with me that if he had decided to establish that difference, no one would have questioned that option which would have been just and fair. However, he did not consider us as adopted people who would not have inherited from their adoption parent more than the tiny portion that would have been traded off to them, if any.

If, as the saying goes, honor is a burden, the coheir with Jesus-Christ that God offers us calls from us for responsibilities of which the following are just few :

  • Suffer with Christ (Rom. 8:17)
  • Resolutely surrender attributes that identify us with our past lives (2. Cor. 5:17)
  • Discipline our desires and align them with our new Master’s aspirations (Col. 3 :2)
  • Operate in the world like mirrors that best reveal our Father’s characteristic traits
  • Incarnate our father’s mission and challenges by acting in our current interaction environment as Ambassadors to win more lives for Christ. (2. Cor. 5:20)

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