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dimanche 24 juillet 2022, par Martial KOUNOU

“Do not be afraid ; for God has come in order to test you, and in order that the fear of Him may remain with you, so that you may not sin.” Exodus 20:20

Victor Hugo (1802 -1885), the famous French polyvalent writer, once wrote this : “those who live are those who fight”. It therefore comes to us as no surprise if we find ourselves fighting a large spectrum of battles throughout our lifetime. Please note however that there are battles that are sponsored by the devil through our foundations and our altars with the ultimate goal of keeping us in bondage and prevent us from fulfilling our God-ordained destiny. In such circumstances, unless we exercise discernment, we might unknowingly and mistakenly blame our helpers while our altars are our actual stumbling blocks.

When our altars are the root causes of our stagnation or the reasons why we are experiencing repeated setbacks, hatred, rejection and constant deterioration of our situation, this signals to us the need to urgently invite God in the battle so we can break free from that devilish net. With God as ally, the victory is assured, otherwise, we can leave all our feathers in that battle and see it perpetuated in the lives of our descendants.

However, while ex-raying battles, we should be careful and avoid hasting to conclude that they are all originating from the devil. This is because some of them are messages from God, triggered and willingly allowed by Him for us to enter into His wonderful plan, fulfil our unique destiny and ascend our God ordained throne. Somebody once said, not without reason, that God whispers to us during our peaceful times but he yells at us during trouble times. That is a figurative way to say that, when the Almighty feels that we are not getting the message he is conveying to us with the still voice, he will allow circumstances to ‘shake’ us so as to open our eyes to the unseen, our spiritual ears to hear him ; in a word, he empowers our senses so we are more amenable to be sensitive to His message.

What battles are you going through now ? Are you suffering now because your expectations were on your human helper (the means) while your creator was expecting you to whole-heatedly focus on Him (the source) ? Maybe that is the reason why He allows your helper to disappoint you so you can dependably shift your eyes to Abba Father to enter your rest. Pray for His mercy today !

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