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Don’t Keep It Safe !

lundi 11 novembre 2019, par Martial KOUNOU

’’So I was afraid and went out and hid your gold in the ground” Matthew 25:25

Our meditation text of this week is extracted from the story of talents, a biblical abstract we are familiar with. Out of the three servants the Master gave talents to, there was one who did not multiply it as he literally preferred to hide it and give it back untouched to the master on his return. He could as well have valued it in the interest of the master and, why not in his own interest !

We are generally inclined to promptly analyse by accusing biblical characters of whom some short falling and a few flaws are evidenced for our edification. Does that mean we are any different from them ?

It is an established fact that God created man bestowing him with innumerable talents. Each human been is a bunch of potentials of which, in the best case, only a tiny part is discovered, exploited and profitable to themselves and to others in the course of their short earthly life. Many are the talents that we hide in us, perfectly unexploited and that we give back to our maker at the end of our life.

We indeed have people who are potential speakers and who, if they could give some more time to their talent by improving it, would be stars the world would pay a lot to come and hear. Other potential farmers with dormant talents would blossom should they agree to take the first step that would bring home to them all winds of opportunities. How many potential pastors, talented astronauts, eminent politicians, accomplished technicians are today sinking under the veil of anonymity, of ignorance and in a hard-to-believe-misery while God has put in them what it takes to be on the highest spheres of success !!! And why all these ? Because of the fear of failure, fear of not being found to be up to it, the fear of realizing one took the wrong way and going back to the crossroads. That attitude of keeping it safe, that paralysing over prudence is one reason why many people, Christians included, are yet to reveal God’s glory to humanity.

Let’s reveal God to the world by letting the talents he has put in us speak. Let’s learn to take risks, knowing that God, our father, is and walks with us !

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