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Advocate Your Case !

mardi 6 août 2019, par Martial KOUNOU

“(…) thus said the Lord, (…) I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears. Behold, I will heal thee ; (…) I will add unto thy days fifteen years (….)” 2 Kings 20 : 5- 6

We serve a wonderful God who is able to change a decision he made about his children. We have an illustration of this with King Hezekiah.

The Lord had Hezekiah informed that he would die ; he went further and advised him to set his house in order, a way of showing him it was not a joke. That decision was from God and there was no doubt about it and in case anyone would have reason to doubt it, the caliber of the person tasked with delivering it was unquestionable. There should not have been at that time any prophet as reputed as was Isaiah. He was God’s unfailing channel and his messages were practically irreversible.

However, rather than accept that decision, after leaving a short moment for the legitimate emotion triggered by the sad news to flow, Hezekiah decided to appeal on that decision. He so did wisely by carefully reminding God how he served Him righteously. Through a sincere prayer, an appropriate set of reasons and a perseverant advocacy, he managed to touch God’s sensitivity which resulted in God changing his decision and having it communicated to him in the same way as the first.

I don’t know if you understand the unmatched beauty of this story. If God can reverse his own decision to replace it with a more favorable one, he is also more than able to cancel whatever satanic decree in the slightest areas of your life. All you have to do is to earnestly advocate your case. Do it well, do it with perseverance and do it with faith without letting anything shaking you. Take your case to the throne of graces !

As long as you keep your mouth closed, it is fatally your destiny you are compromising. Earnestly advocate your case ! Though the most renowned doctor might have told you that your physical constitution is not fit for you to conceive, it will only come to pass if you do accept it. If another one declares that you are having AIDS, hepatitis or any other dreadful diseases of our time, that decision will only be final if you fail to advocate your case before the lord. Good meditation !

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