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What Are You pursing ?

jeudi 3 janvier 2019, par Gildas DJISSA

“… For the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me” John 14:30

As the years go by, men make plans, projects, decisions and resolutions for a better life. At the beginning of the New Year, gratitude and excitement, anxiety and hesitation intertwine. Some rejoice, others wonder. The pride of the achievements invades us, the pain of disappointments returns to us and a subtle questioning remains. What is ultimately the meaning of daily efforts ? What are we ultimately pursuing in life and how to get there ?

As we look back and give thanks to God, it is also important to consider our inner being whose current state will determine the quality of life that we will be able to manifest tomorrow. A preacher of the gospel explains that our future is not before us but rather in us. In other words, the future depends basically on what is going on inside, the level of transformation, liberation and restoration of the divine order within us, body, soul and spirit.

As long as I want to succeed in my life, Christ in his most complete stature will have to be my main pursuit. I must desire this stage of spiritual development to which I can affirm : the prince of the world comes, he has nothing in me. How is it possible ? Can one live without the slightest evil in oneself (sin, addiction, possession ...) being a human being ? The answer is very simple : YES, one can be completely freed from all the works of the wicked : alcohol, bulimia, tobacco, drugs, pornography, masturbation, generational diseases, unclean dreams, spirit of night woman or husband, anger, envy, jealousy, depression, etc.

Many believers have doubts on such level of total freedom in Christ. Until recently, I did not believe it either. I found the bar too high and this type of statement exclusively reserved for Jesus, the son of God. This disbelief means rejecting the biblical truth that to all who received it, the word of light gave the power to become a child of God, with the potential to grow and reach the stature of "son" in order to manifest the dimension of Christ in our generation.

An invitation for this year

What projects do you plan for 2019 ? First of all, make sure that you are totally free from anything that holds you captive from the evil one. Seek Christ more than ever, fully formed within you, through his word, prayer and obedience.

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