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Lean On The Holy Spirit !

dimanche 14 mai 2017, par Casimir E. CAKPO

“Thus saith the LORD : Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, who taketh the flesh for his support, and turneth away his heart from the LORD.” Jeremiah 17 : 5

The story is told of a young and brilliant contemporary preacher who has had great success in his ministry. A very interesting fact, which occurred during his ministry, is still told of him till today.

At the very moment when he was at the height of his success and that his fame spread throughout the country and beyond, he was invited with great honor and reverence to give one of his percussive preaching to an international conference bringing together several preachers and curious people who want to see what this powerful instrument of God looks like. The one whose preaching never leaves its audience insensitive. He has the art, according to what is said, to speak directly to the heart of men with an anointing that could break the very heart of the most recalcitrant brigand of the city.

Anyway, it was an honor for this young preacher to be invited to this international conference and it seems all deserved given his quality and fame. He was obviously conscious of this, and hoped once more to prove his fame when, on appeal, he mounted the steps of the stage two-by-two, his chest tapered and his head proudly raised, sustained with an impressing rain of ovation. Once at the desk, the young preacher who took the microphone started with an introduction that could be said to be brilliant at first, but confused afterwards...

In lack of inspiration, the young preacher was circling around the same subject for more than fifteen minutes. Thunderclap ! He had practically nothing more to say and hardly found words .... He had to confusingly conclude his preaching after few seconds, descended from the platform one step at a time, his head lowered, his chest apparently deflated, and sat down at his place, quite confused… he did not understand what was going on. The audience did not understand what was happening, except an old preacher who, a few hours later, drew closer to the young preacher murmuring in one of his ear : "My dear fellow, if you had mounted the stage as you came down, you would have come down as you went up !”

A prayer today : "Father, I trust you completely and I lean on the Holy Spirit to work in me and through me for your glory. "

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