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A New Start Everyday !

dimanche 27 mars 2016, par Josepha HITOEMETO OUIKOUN

‘’And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors » Mathew 6:12

You have surely heard people overwhelmed by a feeling of guiltiness say : “I sincerely believe that God has forgiven me, but I just can’t forgive myself.’’ Or when faced with an offence made to them “I can’t forgive this”.

Such words epitomize a deep suffering in those persons’ lives. Many people speak that way and therefore set themselves in a condemnation state, while God has already forgiven them. Forgiveness does set free but forgiving or asking for forgiveness is sometimes uneasy. How to go about it ?

God created us in his likeliness, which means that through Him, we have the ability to forgive all the time, to rebuke people with love, to readjust things with tenderness so as to manifest Christ’s character and the fruit of the Spirit. “Yes…” will you tell me “… But it depends. There are circumstances where it is not that easy and some people just don’t deserve anyone showing compassion to them.” And yet, our life in Christ started with forgiveness and what forgiveness !

On the cross, Jesus bore our sins ; He cleansed our faults so as to reconcile us with God the Father. God’s forgiveness to us was entire, our debt vis-à-vis God was total through Jesus’ sacrifice if we put our faith in Him and in His deed on the cross. We were separated from God. He forgave us and wants us, in the same way, to forgive those who offend us. Offences are a powerful weapon the enemy uses to destroy us ; he is pleased when we are hurt and when we react to these wounds, in order to bring bitterness, torment, revenge, hatred in our heart. He destroys our peace and relationship with God that way.

Many of us live in such torments and fear and strive for survival whereas we could enjoy advantages of peace. We still are in war against feelings of condemnation, unworthiness and fear whereas we are already set free, yes, we are free ! The cross of our Lord Jesus is the statement of our freedom. War is therefore over between God and us. He made peace with us through Jesus’ blood (Colossian 1:20). God wants us to believe that we are forgiven, but also to forgive ourselves. We are therefore free ; let’s believe it and let’s get out of our jail !

We all need to learn how to cover offences made to us through love and put the Word of God as stated in 1 Peter 4:8 into action : “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” When we feel offended, the other person may not necessarily be the root thereof. But the problem is often ourselves. The root is rejection, insecurity, immaturity. It is well known that there are people to whom there is nothing you will say which they will not consider as offensive. They are said to be touchy or skinned alive. Of course this is the result of a painful past, a difficult childhood. But we are invited to leave our past in Jesus’ hands for He wants to heal us from all past wounds. He loves us so much. For that, we need to make a decision : agree to forgive those who have offended us, forget wounds, give up our own justice and leave God act each minute in our lives. With God’s grace, that is possible. Amen

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