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Keep Growing in the Knowledge of God with a Child’s Heart !

dimanche 7 février 2016, par Josepha HITOEMETO OUIKOUN

"Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these’’ Matthew 19:14

It is interesting to see how thirsty children are always to learn. The famous ‘’Why’’ they keep repeating to us is the best illustration thereof. And they do have that wonderful attitude of believing in our answers, without questioning them much.

Then the child grows young and there, he knows …. He no longer needs to learn. At least that is what he believes. One of the major differences between an adult and a child is that the child lusts for growing up, progressing and changing whereas the adult thinks he knows everything and therefore refrains from all kind of evolution as he thinks, he no longer is a child. And that attitude sadly results in ‘’young olds’’ !

The Ministry of Health published an interesting statistics : many people, when they complete their active life and retire, see their health worsen. This is as a result of the fact that, as they have left active live, not only have they stopped acting but they equally are no longer compelled to adapt to evolution of their company. They get stuck and from there starts their decline. In his ultimate epistle, Paul, despite his age and the fact that he was in prison, lusted for evolution. He was not scared to be confronted spiritually and intellectually in order to change : “When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, and my scrolls, especially the parchments’’ (2 Timothy 4:13). Besides his cloak to warm himself, Paul requested for scrolls. In other words, he was still looking to grow in knowledge. The Apostle has already written a good part of the New Testament and has thus shown that he knew a great deal on the doctrine and yet, till the end, he persevered in the learning of knowledge.

Another aspect is that as long as a child is surrounded by reliable and loving adults, he can trust. We are expected to always trust God, walk in faith. In the likeness of children who think : ‘’my father knows’’, we should always think ‘’my Heavenly Father knows’’. We should always want to meditate the Word, not only for knowledge acquisition but also to learn to know in a more intimate way its author while taking advantage of the positive changes this meditation will yield for us because the Word is powerful, liberating and purifier. How exalting it is to discover sciences that reveal our creator’s wonders, inventiveness, limitless creativity, beauty, exceptional intelligence !

We need to resemble little children when faced with things of God and his Word. However, vis-à-vis the world as opposed to God, we need to be cautious as suggested by the Lord in Mathew 10:16. Being like a little child needs to be translated into learning from God’s word, practicing in the simplest way, listening to those who are more advanced, listening to preachers, with simplicity and spotlessness. Otherwise, we don’t move forward and our interior being will not grow as described in Hebrew 5:12-14. God therefore expects each of us to become like little children in order to become strong and filled with His Word.

I think that we especially need to put our selfishness of adult ‘’who know everything’’ aside and humbly recognize that we still need to learn to move forward. And this is not just for a time. It is for life. The Bible has provision for all it takes us to move forward.

Lord, please help us keep the heart of a child and motivate us to grow in your knowledge and the knowledge of your world. In Jesus’ name ! Amen. God bless you all !

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