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dimanche 2 avril 2023, par Nancy Okwengu

“Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. "You heard me say, ..." John 14:1a

We must take the prophecies of Christ Jesus seriously because the political, economic, and social problems we are experiencing now are directly the fulfilment of these prophesies. Nobody can stop them, even as God is moving very fast to bring the system of this world under Satan to an end.

Where we are today in God’s prophetic timetable, even the best policies and the most developed economies will likely fail. You can have the best leader and the best political system, but without God, nothing can work in a nation. The economic, political, spiritual, and social problems experienced globally are spiritual problems, and they result from sin. And only Jesus Christ can solve the sin problem.

We are living at a time when mankind is so wise and knowledgeable. They are trying to fix their own problems without God, but this cannot work. The process of sin in a nation, or community, will bring about decay, corruption, depravity, bareness, sickness, poverty, backwardness, and eventually death, and no economic or political system can reverse this.

Never try to get what God cannot give you from the world, a politician, corruption, politics, technology, violence, and a government. God is the source of everything, and anything you cannot get from God, is a trap from Satan ; he will use it to destroy you.

When people start looking to a government or a leader to solve their problems instead of looking to God, this is a curse and sin of idolatry, and this is the reason why the problems facing nations are endless (Psalms 16:4). Leaders must stop being arrogant ; they must be sincere and humble themselves before God, and tell the people to look to God for help, because there is nothing they can do to people, without the help of God. When you tell people you can do everything, you have become a god to the people.

The only thing real in this world is Christ in you, the hope of glory. The values of Christ, the word of God, and the principles of God are the only things which are real. Everything else is an illusion and distraction. After departing the earth, most people will only realize that they wasted their lives pursuing irrelevant material things that don’t have eternal value.

Look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith ! Amen !

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