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dimanche 19 mars 2023, par Martial KOUNOU

“(…) Elisha cut a stick and threw it there, and made the iron float.” 2 Kings 6 : 6

Brethren & Sisters,

An African writer wrote this : “it is impossible for a rotten elephant body to go unnoticed”. Likewise, when God is at work, even those who don’t know him generally recognize a force that is beyond anything science can describe is at work. In fact, when the Almighty is at work somewhere, the laws of nature are suspended and protocols are reversed. Want bible evidences ?

The sea is known for its depth and the violence of its waves among others. After Israel exited Egypt triumphantly and Pharaoh made up his mind to bring them back into slavery, he was sure that the red sea would be a natural limit that they could never go beyond. But little did he know about God’s power in action ! So, what mankind never saw, heard or even suspected happened : God divided the red sea asunder (Psalm 136:13) for his children to walk through securely.

Look at what happened in 2 Kings 6 ! An iron axhead fell into the water. Naturally, with the law of gravity in action, it went down. But the law of gravity had to recognize the supremacy of a bigger force and was left with no choice but let it prevail. It only took a stick thrown at the place where the incident took place for an iron (not dry wood) to float.

Sarah had been waiting on the Lord until she was 90 years old (Genesis 17:17) when God informed Abraham that she would bear a son. 90 years-old is far above the typical age for having children. In fact, people say that a pregnancy after age 35 automatically puts a woman in the “advanced maternal age” (AMA) category. It therefore looked impossible for anything like pregnancy to reasonably happen to Sarah. Yet, at God’s appointed time, the impossible became “I’m possible” because God declared it. That is evidence that when God is at work, the laws of nature are suspended for nature acknowledges His authority.

The reason why despite starvation, you don’t have ulcer, that however acute that sickness is you are still alive while less sick people have passed away, that despite the persecution at your workplace, no one has thought of sacking you, etc., is that God is performing something in your life. He is modeling the clay you are in His hands. By the time He is done, your lips will be filled with thanksgiving songs.

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